Damme is a small town, situated at about 5 km from Bruges. You can reach the city in a paddle boat via the canal (built in the 12th century), by bike, by bus or by paddle steamer.

It has become a very popular tourist destination by its rich history and many places of interest; popular but not restless.
Damme is famous for its gastronomy, far beyond its boundaries.
Since a few years Damme has become the place to be  for used and new books. You can find many small bookshops.
Places of interest: the historical centre with the town hall, the market place, the windmill, the church, the hospital museum, art in the streets, the medieval source with water pump, the statue of Jacob van Maerlandt, the 'Slekkeput', the city walls, the canal (Damse Vaart), ...

8340 Damme


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